Film/ Movie – một chủ đề vô cùng quen thuộc trong IELTS Speaking đối với các thí sinh đang ôn luyện thi IELTS đúng không nào? Vậy làm cách nào để ghi điểm cao với topic này đây? Tham khảo ngay bài mẫu Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 dưới đây từ các thầy cô nhà IPP nhé!

ielts speaking part 1 2 3 topic movies

I. Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 chủ đề: Cinema

II. Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề Describe your favorite movie

1. Đề bài IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe your favourite movie

You should say:

  •  What it is
  •  when and where you saw it
  •  who you saw it with

and explain why you enjoyed/ didn’t enjoy seeing this movie.

2. Dàn bài IELTS Speaking Part 2

2.1. Ý tưởng bài mẫu (tiếng Việt)

Bối cảnh Thời gian xem: cách ly vì nhiễm Covid 1 mình 

Ở nhà 1 mình → Chán → Tìm phim hay để giải trí 

Miêu tả về phim Tên phim: Shawshank Redemption 

Thể loại: Crime Fiction 

Nhận xét chung về phim: bộ phim nhận được 7 giải đề cử, được mệnh danh là bộ phim hay nhất mọi thời đại, tính đến nay vẫn đứng thứ nhất trong top 100 phim điện ảnh

Nội dung phim: 

câu chuyện xoay quanh Andy – một giám đốc ngân hàng bị tố cáo đã giết vợ mình cùng với tình địch → Bị tù chung thân. 

Tại nhà tù Shawshank, những góc khuất nghiệt ngã của nhà tù bắt đầu được phơi bày trước mắt. 

Kết luận Bộ phim đã dạy cho tôi bài học quý giá: Đừng bao giờ để mất hy vọng

2.2. Take-note trong 1 phút (tiếng Anh)

Setting  2014 

Bored at home → Flicked through channels 

Description of the movie  Shawshank Redemption 

Crime Fiction 

7 nominations – best films of all time, top 100 must see movies. 

Plot: protagonist = innocence in the murders of his wife and her boyfriend, spends two decades in Prison with fellow inmate

conclusion One big lesson: Never lose hope

3. Sample Speaking Part 2: 

Today I’d like to talk about an inspirational film that I watched a few months ago.

Back in February, I had so much time to kill as I was in quarantine alone not long after I was found positive with Covid. Despite being completely vaccinated, I was required to stay at home for at least two weeks. It was a nightmare at first, but then I discovered a new hobby: watching the best films of all time. It turned out to be a very fulfilling experience.

I compiled a list of films to watch and saw Shawshank Redemption with the highest ranking and gave it a go. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop myself from recommending it to friends and family. It belongs to the Crime Fiction genre which does not receive sufficient attention in my opinion. 

The film was based on a short story by Stephen King, who was prominent for his horror fiction. Andy Dufresne – the protagonist who claims innocence in the murders of his wife and her boyfriend, spends two decades in Shawshank Prison with fellow inmate Ellis “Red.” 

Shawshank Redemption became one of the most popular rental films after receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, great reviews, and word of mouth from both men and women. I couldn’t grasp why it was such a disappointment when released.

I learned a lot from the film. Shawshank Redemption in some ways exemplified the power of hope, which is the film’s main theme. The presence of Hope can assist a person in accomplishing what may appear to be impossible. Even when the odds are stacked against us, we must never give up hope. Keeping hope alive in the face of adversity will lead to a better tomorrow. With that lesson in mind, I hope that I will survive any hardship that life throws at me. 

4. Vocabulary Highlight

Compile (verb): tổng hợp

Ranking (noun): đánh giá

Sufficient (adj): đáng kể

Prominent (adj): nổi tiếng

protagonist (noun): nhân vật chính

fellow inmate (noun): bạn tù

Nomination (noun): đề cử

Exemplify (verb): minh họa 

Adversity (noun): khó khăn 

The odds (noun): bất lợi

III. Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3: Movies

1. What kinds of movies are popular these days? Why do you think they are popular?

I’ve noticed that individuals of all ages continue to watch cartoons, which many perceive to be a children’s genre. Animation films are a lot of fun to watch and can make us laugh so hard that we forget about our problems. Another thing is that sports channels are quite popular among men. 

perceive (verb): coi, tin là 

2. What can we learn from watching movies?

Movies are inspirational and teach us lessons that are useful to us. When you see an ordinary person turn into a hero, the audience will do the same in their daily lives. The movie also helps us understand how sacred it is to enjoy some of the very rare moments when unrestrained good laughter is unleashed. Well, that’s what a good comedy can do.

Unrestrained (adj): không thể kiềm chế được

Unleash (verb): trong bổi cảnh này là cười phá lên 

3. How are movies different from live theatre?

Movies are ready-made, which the audience can enjoy at the cinema or at home. Movies often focus on visual and audio effects  to get the attention of fans, and are often more action-packed. On the other hand, because the theater is a live performance, each piece is only  available for a limited time and is a little different from the previous piece every night. Moreover, live theaters focus on performers’ acting skills, with most actions taking place in just a few or one setting, while movies can literally take place in hundreds of different settings.

Action-packed (verb): chứa nhiều diễn biến 

Setting (noun): khung cảnh

4. How do you think movies will be different in the future?

In my opinion, the plot will probably not change drastically. However, as for how movies are presented to the audience, the rapid development of modern technology such as the rise of AR or VR will certainly provide us with an immersive experience to all of our senses. I would imagine people will no longer go to the cinema but they can comfortably watch movies in their own homes.

Plot (noun): nội dung phim

Immersive (adj): chìm đắm

Trên đây là bài mẫu chi tiết IELTS Speaking Part 2 + 3 chủ đề Describe your favorite movie. Bạn có thể áp dụng bài mẫu này nếu gặp các chủ đề tương tự như: Talk about your favorite movie, Describe your favorite film,… Chúc bạn học luyện thi IELTS hiệu quả và chinh phục được điểm số thật cao trong phòng thi thực chiến nhé!



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