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The end result is an ingenious ‘toolbar’ system which can be customised in-game to suit the player frequently used icons can be placed on a special ‘favourites’ bar that’s always within easy reach. Before you start carping on about things being ‘designed by committee’, shut up and listen: It’s not the entire concept that’s been focus grouped, just the finer details.

Countless games fail because of niggling little irritations which could have been identified during the production process. That’s precisely what focus grouping does. So there. In the original Dungeon Keeper there were loads of different kinds of rooms you could build within your dungeon, each of which served a specific purpose. Libraries, for instance, were knowledge centres wherein creatures could teach themselves new spells, while chicken hatcheries served as handy sources of food.

All the rooms from the original are retained for the sequel, with a couple of fun additions. First of all there’s a ‘barbarian pit’ room where creatures learn to fight. It works quite simply: just drop a pair of creatures in and watch as they hammer ten shades of shinola out of one another. They even draw a baying crowd. When close to death, they limp away and recuperate -unless you drop them in with a captured hero, in which case you’ve got a fight to the death.

Oh, the humanity. Then there’s the Casino room, replete with fruit machines and roulette wheels. This works on two levels: it attracts monsters into the dungeon, keeps them entertained, and can actually save you money the ignorant sods keep pumping their wages into it. Of course, once in a while, someone will hit the jackpot and you have to pay out, probably when you’re in a tight fiscal spot already.

Still, in true casino-owning-bastard tradition, you can always beat the crap out of the winner and recoup some of your losses as he drops the coins. Just don’t let the other creatures spot you or they’ll riot. The Homed Reaper from the original Keeper proved so popular that his role has been substantially increased for the sequel. He’s now actually working in conjunction with the Keeper himself that’s you, that is , so you’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Just as well his behaviour has been given something of a tweak, then. He’s been invested with more character than before, and reacts to other creatures around him accordingly – throwing scowling glances at cowering imps, that sort of thing. This guide allows you to breeze through Bullfrog’s devilish masterpiece with ease. We’ve got walkthroughs for each level, advanced dungeon design, and a host of other revealing strategies.

The first three levels are essentially training levels. So, moving swiftly on Begin with the usual lair, hatchery, treasury and library set-up. Once you have a healthy dungeon, dig west to claim the guardroom that attracts Dark Elves. Now dig north up the east side of the map, avoiding a head-on assault. On the way is Old Bob who is guarding the main gate. Possess a Dark Elf and zoom your view in to kill Bob with arrows.

Continue up the right side of the base, dig out the wall, and surprise Lord Ludwig. Gain the portal quickly and then create a small guardroom to the right of it. This protects the area that heroes are likely to attack first. Build up your usual dungeon faculties, ensuring you spread south to claim the neutral prison.

Your Imps can now drag unconscious and dying enemies into the prison to be converted into skeletons. Make sure the area to the north of the guardroom is claimed and mined, and set up some sentry guns. Finally, when you have about six skeletons, you can attack the keep in the northeast. Send the bones in first to disable the fear traps, and then edge back to draw the armies of good into your prepared killing field. First things first: torture the prisoners to reveal areas of the map.

Now build quickly and claim as much land as you can. Note the gold seam to the east – this is a valuable supply and should keep you going for the duration of the level. Set up barricades and sentry traps around your land to slow down the constant attacks from your foe. When your creatures are at level three or four, you can attack via the east or west, but not straight through the front gate. Ideally, you need to send a lone scout possibly a Warlock or Mistress to clean out these side passages, rescue the neutral Mistress held within, and then launch your assault.

Providing you have a good mixed force of well-trained monsters, Lord Ironhelm is no problem. Torture the wizard your minions have already captured to reveal the location of Lord Ironhelm. Use the heal spell to good effect while you advance to claim the distant portal.

Also, use the same spell on enemy heroes while you are torturing them to convert them to your cause. When you’ve amassed a swarthy army, head north so that you are ready for when the timer reaches zero and Lord Ironhelm attempts to flee.

Ambush him east of his lair, and then kill him. Don’t worry about the giants heading for your dungeon heart, your servants can handle it.

Dig out all the gold you can, and make space for a prison among your usual constructions. While you’re doing this, your Imps uncover some abandoned rooms. Secure these by placing alarm traps along the lava side of your land. With the rest of your defence in place, head east to the guardroom with three doors. Send in a horde to take over this room, and then head south to Lord Sigmund by bridging across the lava. Use the sight of evil spell to check your route. You begin with a few creatures.

Protect them well until you have claimed the nearby portal. Continue east of the portal and then slowly work your way north towards Lord Titus.

You need to take each room, one by one. Rest after each battle, and try to convert as many heroes as you can by squeezing a torture chamber into your dungeon. If you’re strapped for cash which is likely set the casino on low payout in order to swell your coffers. Expand eastwards. When you’ve erected your buzzing hive of hate, create a veritable feast of gas traps and sentry guns, just to the south of the eastern outpost.

Send a small party to attack, then retreat back into your domain luring the heroes into your traps. Repeat this manoeuvre with the other outposts. By now time should be running low and the Lord should be approaching. Set up troops, barricades and sentry guns around the middle outpost and just let him come to you. Goodnight Vienna. Dig a 5×5 opening. Build a workshop around the edge, then a lair inside that, and a hatchery in the middle. To complete the design, convert some giants and then put them to work.

When a huge trapped area is in place to the north of your base, you can destroy the hero gates. When that’s done, head north along either edge of the map to find Asmodeus. He will counterattack with most of his army. Wait until they’re flailing in your traps, and then send your troops into his dungeon heart to crush him. There are four other evil keepers to scrap in this scenario – and it can get messy.

The trick, once again, is speed and surprise. Build efficient workshops and ensure all your creatures train well, are happy, and well fed. Claiming at least two nearby portals is no problem. Any more than that and you’ll need to fight for them. Eventually, you can amass a formidable level three and four army. Take them on a rampage using your call to arms spell. After thwarting the initial dwarf attacks, dig east and claim the graveyard. Knock around for a while, killing whoever you can while directing bodies to the graveyard five bodies make one vampire.

When you’ve formed a mighty undead army, march north to ransack the hero keep. Use these bodies to bolster your army further. Eventually dig out the right side of the map to enter Malachai’s Dungeon and kill him and his evil heart. On this level it is important to keep your evil workers and the captured heroes apart.

Build a separate dungeon for the heroes so they don’t have to mingle with the Goblins etc, whom they hate. Monks are the key to this level as they are highly effective against Vampires stake in the heart and all that.

To arrange a ready supply of them, capture the hero prison and torture room. The only problem with Monks is that they are slower than the Vampires. To try to even things up a bit, drop a few cunningly placed traps. Eventually Malleus launches a major assault.

When most of that has been wiped out, it’s time to head to his heart and well and truly trash it. A fairly small level, which is also quite easy. Attack sensibly, resting and healing your troops when they need it There’s also Horny, of course. Use him when it’s absolutely necessary for extra insurance.

Once you’ve captured the mana sources, the goodly Lord is just to the north. Work quickly to rescue as many of your imprisoned Black Knights as possible. Also, dig south to rescue Knud the mad Troll who’s an ace trap maker. Use the Black Knights to free the rest of their kin and take the combat pit in the process.

When the enemy forces attack, push them back towards their own dungeon, and move yours with you in the process. In other words, sell your old rooms and build new ones. This means your monsters won’t have so far to go to get paid, eat, and sleep. Head north to seize the unguarded portal. Make use of the gold on the way to build a combat pit.

Next, take the southern portal guarded by Fairies. There are plenty of goodies to be found around here, so have a good sniff around before you launch your assault on the Fairy castle. When you do finally attack, make sure it’s from the west and that your route is well trapped just in case you need to retreat.

Work your way through to the central rooms – trapping as you go – and then annihilate the main Fairy army and the Lord. Stealth and cunning is the key here. Slowly claim the rooms around the centre of the keep by managing your Imps well. If they start scampering off claiming obvious territory, pick them up, or patrolling guards who will call reinforcements might spot them. When you uncover the portal, let your minions mass in an area to the north and then pull off the final assault against Lord Pureheart.

Erect separate dungeons around each portal. One should house the combat pit and training room, while the other should boast a library and workshop. Both dungeons should also have their own lair, hatchery and treasury.

Nearer the dungeon heart, construct a prison, torture room and graveyard – but remember these rooms are tor the enemy keeper’s creatures, not the heroes who you have to kill outright to curry the favour of the Dark Angels. Now concentrate on the fight. The other keepers are also trying to gain the Dark Angels’ help, so only attack keepers who are attacking heroes and thus stealing them.

Only when you’ve enlisted the help of the Dark Angels can you defeat the rest of the keepers and gain the gem. Good training in the combat pit and clever use of traps gets you through this battle. It’s quite straightforward really: convert all the heroes you can, then attack the lesser keepers first and go for the daddy last. If you get into trouble, call Horny. Prince Balder can be trapped on an island by claiming the bridges he patrols. The other two can be trapped by attacking them simultaneously where their patrol routes cross.

Once you have them all snared, knock them out and take them back to your prison for some special treatment where they soon divulge the location of the gem. The King himself. It’s an all-out battle between good and evil. Train your creatures to the highest level and away you go. What else can we say? You’ve learnt all there is to know, so just do it. If you’re a politician, dentist, tax man or dominatrix, you’ll feel right at home with DK2s idea of administering pain to nice people.

Basically, it’s a god sim in which you construct a dungeon inhabited by foul creatures and booby traps, which are fiendish enough to repel the attacks of a bunch of rich boys in armour who believe it’s their quest to stop you expanding your realm.

Unlike many strategy games, you have no direct control over the actions of your minions, which can make DK2 both hugely entertaining and incredibly frustrating. However, the AI is generally of a high standard and there’s huge scope for expanding your dungeons. The only real problem is that the whole thing starts getting repetitive a little too quickly for comfort. You get to prove you’re the nastiest rat in the outhouse by strategically dropping your army in the midst of battles or taking over one of your minions and bludgeoning a few goodly folks yourself.

This great game is a blend of Roguelite and Dungeon Management, as previously described. With many experiments, we did this to find the incorrect balance between administration and dungeon! The worst part is that nobody seems interested to add anything to this kind, so their ancestors are almost similar. This is not going to occur here. Then these heroes can be seen to die! The heroes reach your fell and lighten the traps you put in. It is a dungeon-crawler. Keeper is a dungeon with rogue and RPG elements that are ambitious.

Explore how black magic works and take on the part of an evil wizard. Equip and explore the country, destroy innocent people and burn their homes.

Construct your pit, set your traps, and brace yourself for evil warriors. The game becomes a classic rogue with a turn-based and highly Dungeon Keeper 2 reloaded tactical action as you control your fighters. You can also play and attack cellars built by your own or other players as an adventurer.

Down into the hill and build several spaces, paths, and traps.



Dungeon keeper 2 windows 10 download

Dungeon Keeper 2 Full PC Game Download The Dungeon Keeper 2 PC game has beaten all the competitor games and you Score: out of Dungeon Keeper 2 DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version Title: Dungeon Keeper 2 Genre(s): Strategy – Action – Fantasy Works on: Windows (XP.


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Sign out. It’s an all-out battle between good and evil. Attract creatures to it by giving them a place to sleep and chickens to eat. System Requirements.


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