Tree không phải là một topic quá khó trong bài thi IELTS Speaking nhưng để điểm danh đúng và đủ các loại cây trồng chỉ trong 1-2 phút thì lại là một thách thức không nhỏ.

Cùng IPP đến với bài mẫu Speaking band 8.0 dưới đây và cùng nhẩm đi nhẩm lại cho thuộc nhé!

man under tree during daytime


1. What kind of trees do people usually plant in your country?

I am not exactly an expert in this topic, but if I were to speak, based on my limited experience and knowledge, then I think that the climate that our country has and the fact that we used to be, like, an agricultural nation really defines what is popular as a plant in our country. First of all, food crops, such as rice plants and corns, are seen throughout Vietnam, not only the southern part but also the northern and the central areas as well. Some tropical flowers of varying shapes and colors also blossom in all four seasons, or two, in the southern part, across the country. Some notable examples would be peach blossom, plum flowers, bougainvillea,… Some tropical trees that are very famous here are jackfruits, flame trees and coconut palms.

  • Agricultural nation: quốc gia nông nghiệp
  • Blossom (v): nở hoa
  • peach blossom (n): hoa đào
  • bougainvillea (n): hoa giấy
  • jackfruit (n): cây mít
  • flame tree (n): cây hoa phượng


2. Have you ever planted a tree?

Well, if you consider planting some very small, very easy to plant trees like, just bean sprouts, back then in primary school planting a tree, then yes, I have. Wouldn’t say that I’m proud of it, though, but I would say that I did do it when I was a kid.

  • bean sprout (n): cây giá đỗ


3. What kinds of trees do you plant?

I am not exactly someone with a green thumb, so I tend to stay away from trees, flowers, plants in general. The only time that I did try to grow some trees was back in second grade and it was homework in my biology class. We had to grow, like, bean sprouts in cotton and I did succeed in planting the seeds and making them grow. I think the reason why I succeeded was because I didn’t take care of them at all. I just left them there. Maybe that’s why they have survived.

  • someone with a green thumb (idiom): một người khéo trồng cây/mát tay với trồng trọt


4. Do you like planting trees? Why?

Like I have mentioned before, I am not someone who has a talent in planting trees, doing gardening, all of that stuff, and I am also not exactly the hugest nature lover out there. So yeah I hardly ever do it, besides a few times back when I was still a small, little child. I don’t have any interest in doing it in the future or at present, either. I think it would be better if I just focus on what I’m really good at and have an interest in.

  • nature lover (n): một người yêu thiên nhiên


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