Đọc xong các câu hỏi này, các bạn có suy nghĩ gì? Để thực sự “chinh phục” được chủ đề này, chúng ta cần tận dụng triệt để các “topic-related vocabularies” (từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề). Ví dụ, các câu hỏi trên xoay quanh việc chúng ta thường làm gì trong những ngày lễ hội, rồi ở những ngày lễ đó thì chúng ta có đồ ăn đặc trưng và hoạt động cụ thể nào.

Nhắc đến 1 “festival” đặc trưng ở Việt Nam, chắc hẳn ai cũng sẽ nghĩ đến Tết đầu tiên phải không nào?


How do you celebrate festivals in your country?

The traditional customs vary from festival to festival, so I also celebrate each festival in a distinct way. During Tet holiday, I will cook delicacies, and on Reunification day, I usually go to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to watch the flag raising ceremony. But something that all my festival celebrations have in common is that I always try to spend as much time as I can with my family and close friends. I do believe this is how most Vietnamese celebrate festivals as well.


What special food and activities do you have for these festivals?

Again, like I mentioned, Vietnam has a huge collection of festivals with a variety of special food and activities meant for each one. If we talk about the Mid-autumn festival, five-fruit trays and moon cakes will be the typical traditional dishes served. On the other hand, in the Cold Food Festival, many Vietnamese as well as I normally eat “banh troi” and “banh chay” to celebrate. The activities are also extremely diverse. During the Mid-autumn Festival, it is common for us to watch lion dance parades and carry lanterns in different shapes. But for the Cold Food Festival, making banh troi and banh chay with the whole family is the go-to activity for numerous households.


How do you celebrate spring Festivals?

Spring festivals in Vietnam are associated with pilgrims, as well as family gatherings. Every family member would come together, and some may return to their hometowns or visit graves of their ancestors to show respect. Throughout this festival, pagodas and temples are crowded with people, and fireworks are lit across the country, celebrating the beginning of a new year. We spend a lot of time making traditional food, decorating the house with flowers such as peach blossoms and apricots and just enjoying each other’s company.


What’s your favourite festival of the year?

This is not easy to choose, since Vietnam has so many festivals all through the year. However, a celebration that I really like is the Hoi An Lantern Festival. This is quite a local festival, as it only occurs in the ancient town on the 14th day of each Lunar month. Thousands of ornate lanterns light up the city that day and candlelit ceremonies are also held in many temples. I have been to this festival once a few years back and was so impressed that whenever anyone mentions “Vietnamese festival”, the image of lanterns and candles’ soft amber hues under Hoi An’s night sky will resurface in my mind.

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