Tiếp nối bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 với đề bài Describe your favorite weather”, Part 3, với cùng chủ đề “Weather”, thường được hỏi theo 4 câu:

1. What do people wear in different weather?

2. How does the weather influence people’s live?

3. What are people’s opinions on weather forecast?

4. Are there any festivals about season?

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green grass field near lake under white clouds and blue sky during daytime


Sample Speaking:

1. What do people wear in different weather?

Uhm, this is, this question actually depends on where you’re talking about and what the climate entails. For me, because I live in the northern part of Vietnam, and we have four different seasons throughout the year, I kind of have the experience of seeing many different kinds of clothes. In winter, for example, people in Vietnam usually wear lots of long coats, warm sweaters and they have many different layers on at the same time, since in Vietnam we have a lot of wind during winter and there is a light rain that occurs through the day, so we tend to wear as much as possible. In summer, however, because we are a tropical country so the heat here is pretty unbearable for people who are not used to it. Vietnamese people tend to wear very little, and sometimes they just wear, like, for men, they just wear pants outside during the hottest days. We have a lot of crop tops, shorts, and dresses that are made of light materials, such as cotton for example. But the most fun seasons, in my opinion, to see, are actually the transitional seasons, which are spring and autumn. During these seasons, you basically see people in many different types of clothes. You see summer in some, you see winter in some, and you see the not too summery and not too wintery on some people’s clothes and it’s very fascinating, in my opinion.

  • entail (v): đòi hỏi/bao gồm cái gì
  • tropical country: quốc gia ở vùng nhiệt đới
  • unbearable (adj): không thể chịu nổi


2. How does the weather influence people’s life?

Well, I think weather plays a very big part in how people do their everyday tasks. For example, if it was the weekend and it was raining, I would definitely not go out. I would just stay at home. So clearly the weather has impacts on how I spend my leisure time and what I do during the day. Like if it was raining, I would not wash my clothes, yeah I would try to refrain a few days from washing my clothes and doing the laundry. But if it was sunny, then I would definitely take all of my dirty stuff out to clean. The weather influences how we feel as well. Like for me, I especially feel annoyed and bored when it rains, but I do know certain people who feel sentimental and at ease whenever rains occur. So yeah, it has a very big influence on our lives, I think.

  • leisure time (phrase): thời gian rảnh rỗi
  • refrain (v): kiềm chế không làm việc gì
  • sentimental (adj): đa sầu, đa cảm
  • at ease (phrase); thoải mái


3. What are people’s opinions on weather forecast?

This question would vary from country to country. I think for places like Vietnam, people usually trust in weather forecasts. Like, you do hear complaints when you talk to Vietnamese people. Like you would definitely hear sentences like “I can’t understand how they said it’s going to rain today, and yet it’s just sunny throughout from 8 to 5”. But in general, overall, people still have a lot of faith in the weather forecast, but they also have their fair share of doubt about them as well. So yeah, at least that is what Vietnamese people think. I’m not really sure about other countries.

  • fair share of doubt (phrase): nghi ngờ về vấn đề gì đó.


4. Are there any festivals about seasons?

Yes, big yes. In Vietnam we have Tet holiday which celebrates spring and in many different regions where they plant trees or flowers that are unique to a season, like they only bloom in a season, for example. Like I know there is a festival that you know, honors the time when plum flowers bloom in a northern region in Vietnam. So yes, definitely there are festivals about seasons, especially flower seasons, at least in my country.

  • honor (v): trân trọng

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