Some people argue that long distance relationships never work. What are the reasons and what could be the solutions?

In a fast-paced and globalized world, it is highly likely that people will find themselves thrown into romantic affairs in which the significant others are far away. While many believe that these relationships are bound to fail, others fight hard for their happiness. I think that the underlying reasons for such breakups are a lack of quality communications and a low level of focus. If these issues can be remediated, love is undoubtedly in our grasp.

Nothing destroys a relationship faster than bad communications and being miles apart drastically increases the risk of this happening. The difference in time zones and living schedules make it extra difficult for one party to get a message across to the other. Instead of face to face conversations, couples would have to use different media such as chats and emails. These non-verbal channels sometimes inaccurately convey the emotions in those words and potentially give rise to serious misunderstandings. In addition, being physically far from each other distract people from fostering their ongoing romance. Though technically in a relationship, long-distance lovers practically live a single’s life. From late night parties to holiday traveling with friends, one might just temporarily forget that someone is waiting back home. In the end, all these mistakes add up, and the relationship is over.

But dire as it may seem, long-distance love can be fruitful with a lot of effort, discipline, and creativity put in. First, couples must find every possible moment and mean to talk to each other. Modern technologies are of great help. From Facetime to voice messages, from emojis to emoticons, there are many ways to express feelings across the oceans and continents. Second, discipline is a must. Rules need to be established and agreed upon by both sides to govern how to keep the passion alive. It might even be as simple as remembering to call your loved ones before bed. Finally, a spurt of creativity at times can be very helpful when it comes to keeping a relationship healthy. A surprise gift or visit can do wonder.

In conclusion, maintaining a relationship from afar is never easy but achievable. The amount of work that must be invested in is challenging but if it is true love, then all will be worthwhile.


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