Health care & Medical Research là chủ đề hiếm gặp trong IELTS nhưng một khi đã xuất hiện thì luôn đòi hỏi người học phải có kiến thức xã hội phong khú, khả năng lập luận logic và vốn từ vựng chuyên ngành chính xác. Do đó, độ khó của topic này luôn được đánh giá ở mức 4.0 – 4.5/5.

Cùng IPP đến với bài mẫu band 7.0+ dưới đây và học hỏi cách mentor tại IPP xử lý đề bài “trình độ cao” này nhé! 

Đề bài: Researches into new types of medicine and treatments are essential to improve health and deal with diseases. Who do you think should fund these researches: private companies, individuals or the government?


Bài mẫu:

Medicine is crucial in combating illness, and even more so when new diseases show up to threaten human health. When it comes to discovering novel cures and treatments, there is a debate of whether it should be up to private companies, individuals, or the government to provide funding. From my point of view, it would be most appropriate for private companies to fund these efforts.

There are several reasons to support the idea that private firms are best suited for financial backing of research into new medicine. A major reason to consider is that private companies are usually well-equipped with technical expertise to oversee funding. To be specific, since medical research takes a long time and results are highly unpredictable, it is necessary to be able to manage the costs and risks well, whereas the people with experience in this kind of task are most likely found in the employment of private companies. Furthermore, private firms that fund research into medicine have to prove that their finances are solid as well. Together with their networking abilities, they might even be able to attract other investors and raise funding. 

In contrast, individuals and governments are significantly less suitable as parties to fund medical discoveries. Regarding individuals, because of the expenses involved in researching, it would take a large number of people to fund. This is not always practical, and while there may exist websites that let the public pool their resources for a medical research project, people can be duped into funding an organization that has no accountability. The government, meanwhile, is not a good funder either. Financial support for discovering new medicine and treatments can be impacted by corruption, mismanagement of funds, or by competition with the defence budget or infrastructure budget. As a result, research progress will stagnate.

In conclusion, I believe it is the best idea to let private enterprises financially back projects into medical research.

– 318 words, written by Mentor from IPP ACA Team – 

Từ vựng và collocations hay đã dùng:

– Novel (adj.): mới

– Well-equipped (adj.): được trang bị đầy đủ

– Expertise (n.): chuyên môn

– Financial backing (n.): hỗ trợ vốn

– Pool (v.): dồn

– Duped (p.2.): bị lừa

– Accountability (n.): trách nhiệm

– Stagnate (v.): đình trệ

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