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Writing Task 2 (17/09/2020)

In many countries, plastic containers have become more popular than ever. They are used in many businesses, for example, food and drink industries. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Bài mẫu

Plastic containers have infiltrated a multitude of aspects in daily life, even to the point in which our modern world is sometimes dubbed as the plastic era. Although plastic containers have certain advantages for businesses, their drawbacks are much more significant to consider.

On the one hand, there still must be some valid rationales why plastic containers can achieve such huge prominence. The most transparent benefit lies in plastic’s durability and versatility in packaging. In businesses, plastic containers can be used for a wide range of products. For example, electrical manufacturing companies can utilize plastic to wrap around the surface of electronic gadgets like refrigerators and air conditioners to prevent dust while food manufacturing firms use it to protect their fresh products like meat and fish. Combined with plastic’s insolubility, it is understandable that plastic containers for packaging purposes can gain huge favor from businesses. Plastic even further proves its worth when it comes to cost-effectiveness. In the current market, plastic containers are cheap to produce and, despite being subject to different types of taxes, still have a more reasonable price than other packaging materials. In the cut-throat business environment where cost-effectiveness takes precedence, companies will certainly lean towards plastic containers for its products.

Notwithstanding the above convenient features, plastic containers can cause tremendous damage to the environment and human life as well. The environment will be the most severe sufferer of the excess of plastic. Due to the exponential growth of plastic containers, plastic waste is also increasing in lockstep. However, plastic waste treatment still poses an arduous challenge to businesses because of its insolubility and the cost for proper plastic discharge remains exorbitant. Therefore, people may resort to disposing of plastic containers directly into the environment like into the soil and the ocean, which inevitably leads to environmental degradation such as soil and water pollution. Another noteworthy point is that human life will be put in jeopardy as well as owing to excessive plastic. It is because human life depends largely on the environment so any sign of environmental pollution will have a certain impact on mankind. To exemplify, should plastic enter the soil, it will pollute humans’ food grown in that soil and induce health implications when plastic enters our body through the food. 

In conclusion, albeit their conspicuous advantages, plastic containers have even greater long-term repercussions for the environment and human life. Therefore, it is imperative that we seek for better plastic management approaches and more environmentally-friendly materials for packaging for the sake of more sustainable development.


Vocabulary highlight

– infiltrate (v): xâm nhập, trà trộn, đi vào trong đâu
– dub (v): gọi là
– rationale (n): lí do
– durability (n): tính bền
– versatility (n): tính đa dụng
– insolubility (n): tính khó tan, bền chắc
– gain huge favor from: chiếm được cảm tình của ai
– subject to (adj): bị bó buộc bởi
– cut-throat business environment (n): môi trường kinh doanh khắc nghiệt
– lean towards (v): nghiêng về lựa chọn gì
– exponential growth (n): tăng theo cấp số nhân, tăng rất nhiều
– in lockstep: làm gì đó cùng lúc, cùng tốc độ như vậy
– pose an arduous challenge: tạo ra một thử thách khó nhằn
– in jeopardy: trong tình thế nguy hiểm
– health implication (n): những ảnh hưởng về mặt sức khoẻ
– conspicuous (adj): dễ thấy, rõ ràng
– long-term repercussions (n): tác hại lâu dài


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