Với dạng bài 2 câu hỏi nguyên nhân – giải pháp như thế này thì chúng ta cần xử lý khéo léo để tránh ‘lặp ý’ ở các đoạn văn thân bài – khá khó với một chủ đề hẹp như “Nhạc cổ điển”.
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Đề bài: In some countries, only a few young people go to classical music concerts or play classical music. Why? Should young people be encouraged to attend and learn more?

Bài mẫu:

Classical music is one of the most magnificent genres of music out there, and one could expect it to be popular; however, for young people in some countries, this is far from being the case. They do not seem all that interested in going to performances, much less playing classical music itself. From my point of view, there are several factors that cause this situation, and young people should definitely be encouraged to learn about classical music.

The young generation’s reasons for not being enthusiastic mainly stem from classical music being unable to reach a wide audience. When it comes to attending concerts, it is possible that young people do not do so because they have little information on the events that are happening. For instance, social media is extremely popular with young people, but classical music performances are not very well-advertised there, and as a result, the young listeners will have no way to know. In addition, there is usually a huge entry barrier for youngsters if they want to learn classical music, in the cost of the instruments and the scarcity of places to learn. In other words, a young man who wants to learn to play classical will be required to spend a large sum on his own instrument, and on top of that, be enrolled in a school with a significant musical background.

Nevertheless, I feel that young people should be encouraged to attend classical concerts and play music. We ought to try to instil an interest in this musical genre in them so that they will continue to preserve classical music, even though practical solutions might be hard to come by. One possible course of action is to promote classical performances via social networking streaming in order to attract the young audience in their comfortable environment. Regarding the entry barrier in playing classical, renting out instruments can be a solution for young people who aspire to enter the field. There are startups that go as far as offering instruments sharing for young musicians.

In conclusion, despite the obstacles in making classical music more popular with young people, it is still a worthy endeavour to try to encourage them to take up this genre. 

– 368 words, written by Mentor from IPP ACA Team – 

Từ vựng và collocations hay đã dùng:

– Magnificent (adj.): tuyệt đẹp

– Far from being the case (adj.): Không đúng

– Stem (v.): Khởi nguồn

– Well-advertised (p.2.): được quảng cáo rộng rãi

– Entry barrier (n.): trở ngại đầu vào, rào cản gia nhập

– Scarcity (n.): tình trạng hiếm hoặc thiếu thốn

– Instil (v.)/instill (U.S.): làm thấm nhuần

– Come by (v.): đạt được, kiếm được

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