[SAMPLE WRITING] GIẢI ĐỀ THI THẬT WRITING TASK 2 NGÀY 30/12/2021: Extinct animals and individual responsibility?

Trước nguy cơ tuyệt chủng của nhiều loài động vật, các vấn đề dần được quy kết cho chính quyền và người dân, hoặc cả hai. Tuy nhiên, những hành động này cũng chỉ nhằm mục đích quan trọng nhất là tìm ra giải pháp khắc phục nan đề trên.
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Đề bài: Many animal species are becoming extinct. Some believe countries and individuals must solve this problem, others think that human beings are more important.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Phân tích đề

Animal species

Extinct (adj) = be on the verge of extinction/be increasingly threatened/endangered → disappear from Earth

Solve (verb) = address, target, fix

Problem (noun) = issue, obstacle, complication, concern, far-reaching/unprecedented consequences

Dàn bài

Bài mẫu

Today, the concern over the disappearance of animal species causes some people to urge definite actions from authorities and individuals. On the other hand, some others believe humans should be concentrated more on their many available issues. There seem to be reasonable grounds for these different thinking; however, I would contend that if nature’s decline is ignored, humans will face unprecedented consequences.

From an economic standpoint, the belief of putting humans as the top priority is somewhat true. This is because the investment to achieve conservation goals is usually of a substantial scale. At the same time, these funds can be allocated to deal with ongoing issues worldwide, such as famine, poverty, and illiteracy. Moreover, it would be a serious challenge to force everyone to pay attention to something unrelated to them. Some would argue that it is not their daily issue when they have to make ends meet and have the right to secure their subsistence first.

However, if no measures are implemented to reduce the risks for endangered wildlife, humans may have to pay the highest price. This is because animals play a crucial role in maintaining the Earth’s ecosystem, which provides billions of people with life support. For example, the alarming decline in pollinator species, such as bees or butterflies, can push the world to the edge of a food crisis because these wild insects are responsible for many regions’ agricultural output. Accordingly, this issue requires the involvement of both governments and citizens. While nations can cooperate to strengthen laws in animal species conservation, people should also be aware of the impacts this might have on their lives and children to change their courses of action, such as abandoning the consumption of wild animal products.

In conclusion, although concentrating on human necessities is common sense, nations and individuals have an urgent duty to tackle the decline in wildlife populations. It is recommended that there be attempts to assess the cost-effectiveness of conservation efforts to balance the cost of covering humans’ basic needs.

Từ vựng hay đã dùng

  • disappearance (noun): sự biến mất, tuyệt chủng
  • unprecedented (adj): chưa từng có
  • substantial (adj): lớn
  • famine (noun): nạn đói
  • poverty (noun): nghèo
  • illiteracy (noun): không biết chữ
  • make ends meet (idom): kiếm đủ tiền để trang trải cho cuộc sống
  • subsistence (noun): sinh kế
  • endangered (adj): về các loài vật sắp tuyệt chủng
  • ecosystem (noun): hệ sinh thái
  • pollinator species (noun): loài thụ phấn
  • courses of action (n.phrase): một loạt hành động
  • abandon (verb): dừng
  • necessities (noun): đồ dùng thiết yếu
  • assess (verb): động từ
  • cost-effectiveness (noun): hiệu quả về chi phí
  • conservation efforts (n.phrase): nỗ lực bảo tồn

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