Government should invest on teaching science subjects rather than other subjects for the country to develop and progress. To what extend do you agree or not agree?

Identify essay type: opinion
Difficulty: 6/10 – A very familiar topic to students
Government should invest on teaching science subjects rather than other subjects for the country to develop and progress. To what extend do you agree or not agree?

Chose opinion: Balanced – Government should invest in science subjects but cannot neglect other fields.
Structure: Intro – Body 1: invest in science – Body 2: cannot neglect others – Conclusion

Final essay:
Many people believe that science education should be the core focus of government investments rather than other educational content. Most of the reasonings lie in the fact that scientific developments are considered to be the basis of all economic advancement. Though I agree with this opinion on the importance of science, I think all subjects should be treated as equals in the plans of the government.

It is understandable why science is held in such high regards by society as all industrial revolutions since the dawn of man have been the direct results of scientific breakthroughs. In each of this revolution, humankind’s productivity has exponentially increased, leading to favourable economic booms. For example, the steam engine allowed people and goods to be transported to further distances while electricity forever changed the manufacturing world. As a result, the demand for human resources in scientific fields has always been soaring. The private sector alone cannot satisfy this need, and the government must lend a helping hand in funding for the proliferation of science subjects in schools and universities.

However, it is wrong to assume that science has been the sole underlying source of progress. Aside from scientists, people from all backgrounds such as designers, marketers, and behavioural expert work together to turn an idea into reality. For example, although the smartphone technologies were already developed in the 1990s, it is not until the late 2000s that smartphones’ sales exploded, all thanks to better and better designs. Therefore, the corresponding studies of designs, psychology, and other non-science subjects are no less critical to economic improvements. Furthermore, trained artists such as actors, singers, and musicians are vital in creating entertainment values that can satiate the society’s needs for happiness, avoiding depressions that can hamper growth. For a country to advance sustainably, the government cannot neglect the values of non-science fields.

In conclusion, both science and arts, when adequately invested, are the essential driving forces behind a well-developed country. The government should aggressively spend in the education of all subjects to maintain an all-rounded high-quality workforce, ready to tackle any challenges in the economy.

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