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Mặc dù Sports là topic quen thuộc trong bài thi IELTS nhưng chủ đề nhỏ "hosting a international sports events" lại cực kì hiếm gặp. Tuy nhiên, chỉ cần bạn có vốn từ vựng nhất định cùng quan điểm rõ ràng về vấn đề này thì điểm 7.0 chỉ là trong tầm với.  
Cùng đến với bài mẫu dưới đây để xem mentor của IPP ACA Team đã xử lý đề bài này "tốc chiến tốc thắng" thế nào nhé!

Đề bài: Some people think that hosting international sports event is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Bài mẫu:

Sports have the power to bring people together, and as a result, it is not surprising to see international sporting events drawing enormous crowds. It is believed by some that hosting these events is beneficial for a country, while from others’ points of view, such events pose a negative influence. This essay will closely examine both positions before giving my opinion regarding this matter.

There are several reasons why hosting international sporting competitions is positive for a country. First of all, the organization of such events will greatly invigorate the country’s sporting movement; therefore, the host country’s athletes will be roused to compete for the sake of patriotism and national glory. Take China, for example; the country’s achievement at the Olympic Games in recent decades was second to the US’s in every event save for 2008, when China hosted the Beijing Olympics and was the frontrunner in terms of gold medals. Additionally, hosting international sports events will also help place the host country on the world map of tourism. Through the imagery displayed in the media, the host can create a lasting impression on international audiences and become a popular destination even long after the competition has concluded.

On the other hand, being a host of international sporting events can be unfavorable due to several factors. Firstly, the host country will incur a gigantic amount of public debt from loans that have to be taken to construct new sporting facilities and upgrade existing ones. Understandably, this not only takes a toll on the public budget but also opens up a host of opportunities for corruption through kickbacks and dubious dealings. Secondly, the lives of local people may be disrupted because of the policies implemented while making event preparations. In a country that is well-known for hiring foreign immigrants to perform construction projects, like Saudi Arabia, for instance, having a huge influx of laborers from overseas to build large sporting facilities will likely cause social friction with the locals. As a whole, these expenses are more significant than one might think, and will make hosting an international sports competition hardly a worthy endeavor.

In conclusion, I tend to agree with the opinion that hosting international sporting events is detrimental to the country.

- 371 words, written by Mentor from IPP ACA Team - 

Từ vựng và collocations hay đã dùng:

- Draw a crowd (v.): thu hút đám đông

- Invigorate (v.): truyền sức mạnh, tiếp thêm sức mạnh

- Movement (n.): phong trào

- Patriotism (n.): lòng yêu nước

- National glory (n.): vinh quang Tổ quốc

- Second to (adj.): xếp thứ hai sau (Cách dùng: be + second to + N)

- Incur (v.): gánh chịu

- Gigantic (adj.): khổng lồ

- Take a toll on (v.): gây gánh nặng, tổn hại cho (Cách dùng: take a toll on + N)

- Kickback (n.): hối lộ

- Dubious (adj.): đáng ngờ

- Friction (n.): sự bất hòa, xích mích

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