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Về chủ đề này, hãy cùng IPP đến với bài mẫu Writing task 2 band 7.0+, được viết bởi thầy Thanh Hải – IPP ACA Team nhé!

Đề bài:

Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force or military force, while others think women are not suitable for these kinds of jobs. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



Bài viết:


Ever since the international feminist movement began to gain momentum during the 1970s, many people claim that women should have an equal role in majors that have been dominated by men, such as the police or the army. However, others argue that such fields have certain features that women cannot satisfy and therefore, they are not suitable candidates.

On the one hand, it is understandable why many people cast doubt on females joining the police or military force. It has been proven that men are generally stronger than women in terms of physical strength, which makes them suitable contenders for these fields. Such advantage leads to the impression that if these tasks are handled by men, they will be done with the utmost in efficiency and performance. Another factor that contributes to this belief is that women are naturally the ones that give birth; hence, there will be time that they need to be absent from work to nurture their children. Because of this, the majority of important tasks in the police or army tends to be done by men, as they do not have maternity leave like women.

Having said that, it would be nonsensical to neglect female candidates who want to take part in these fields. Although it is hard to deny the fact that most males are more well-built than females, policewomen and female militants are believed to be more patient and thoughtful, especially towards other women and young children, than their male counterparts. This could be a huge benefit, especially in the police, when they have to address critical and stressful situations that involve women and children. Another reason why many believe that women should be given the chance to prove themselves in these areas is egalitarianism. Many women, such as Marie Curie, have proven themselves to be as good as their male colleagues in scientific areas, which used to be dominated by men. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that women can be as good as men in the above-mentioned fields.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that gender must not influence the decision whether someone should work in a certain field. Therefore, as long as a candidate can satisfy the requirements of becoming a policeman or militant, he or she should be allowed to join the force.

Thanh Hải – IPP ACA Team

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