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[SAMPLE SPEAKING] Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 + 3 chủ đề “Describe a memorable event of your life”

Describe a memorable event of your life – đề bài IELTS Speaking Part 2 thuộc chủ đề miêu tả một trải nghiệm. Đây sẽ là một trong những đề bài hóc búa đối với thí sinh nếu như bạn không biết cách sắp xếp ý tưởng khi trả lời trong 2 phút. Vì vậy, biết cách phát triển, hệ thống ý tưởng cũng như nắm chắc trong tay vốn từ vựng phong phú thì kiểu gì bạn cũng xử đẹp đề bài này. Tham khảo ngay bài viết Describe a memorable event of your life dưới đây để ôn luyện thi hiệu quả bạn nhé!

anh bia bai mau Describe a memorable event of your life

I. Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a memorable event of your life

1. Đề bài: Describe a memorable event of your life

Describe a memorable event of your life. You should say:

  • what is
  • what happened
  • where you were

And explain why this is a memorable event.

2. Dàn bài Part 2

2.1. Ý tưởng bài mẫu (tiếng Việt)

Bối cảnh Sự kiện
  • Thi hát
  • Tháng 9 năm 2018
  • Được bạn giới thiệu để đi đăng ký
  • Cuộc thi nhỏ tổ chức tại trường
  • Ban đầu: không muốn tham dự nhưng được bạn thuyết phục và muốn thử sức mình. 
  • Chuẩn bị: hát ba bài thuộc các thể loại khác nhau. Rất vất vả: không có kinh nghiệm + sợ sân khẩu. 
  • Quá trình thi: làm tốt nhất có thể. Chỉ thấy vui và không có nuối tiếc
Lý do đây là sự kiện đáng nhớ
  • Lần đầu tiên đi thi hát. 
  • Trải nghiệm nhiều niềm vui và có nhiều ký ức đẹp.
  • Có thêm tự tin theo đuổi sở thích của mình.

2.2. Take-note trong 1 phút (tiếng Anh)

Setting Event Description
  • Singing contest
  • September 2018
  • Referred by a friend to register
  • Small contest held at school
  • Initially: did not want to attend but was persuaded by a friend and wanted to give it a try.
  • Preparation: sing three songs of different genres. Very hard: no experience + stage fright.
  • Performances: did my best. Was happy and had no regrets
Why memorable
  • First singing contest 
  • Experienced a lot of fun and have many fond memories.
  • Have more confidence to pursue my interests

3. Sample Speaking: Describe a memorable event of your life

I’ve had my fair share of exhilarating and unforgettable moments, but the one that really stands out must be the first time I participated in a singing competition. 

If my memory serves me right, it all took place in September of 2018. Out of the blue, my friend sent me an application form for a singing contest to be launched in the following month. I ran my eyes through the whole page without really registering the information, since the big headline in bold, fancy font “SINGING COMPETITION” already put me off.

I knew I had a certain knack for singing, but joining any kinds of competitive events has never been in my bucket list. My friend, however, spent days persuading me, insisting how the competition was small-scale and all chill. In the end, the passion to sing won my inherent stage fright. I crossed my fingers and applied. 

The competition was held by my school for the students, so most of the contestants were people I was already acquaintances with. We had three rounds, each of which a performance in a different genre must be prepared. As I absolutely adored neo soul, RnB as well as musicals at the time, I decided to perform songs in these styles. The preparation process was, to be honest, mentally taxing.

Searching for appropriate songs that could show off my voice strengths, yet still resonated with my thoughts was hard, but directing the stage – as in deciding on what I should do or dress in, or if any choreography was needed, was even more challenging. Not only did I lack the experience, I also had performance anxiety. A lot of the times, I felt very let down by my own shortcomings and wanted to quit because it seemed like my efforts were in vain

I am so glad that I pulled through it all, though, because the performances were really worth it. I believe I managed, in a very short span of time, to come up with what were possibly the best performances in my capability.

As I finished all the songs, I realized that while there were rooms for improvement, I was on cloud nine throughout and there was no remorse, just pride in what I achieved. I didn’t win any big prize, but I got so many fond memories and also the confidence to pursue my interests thanks to the competition. The event itself was so indelible that September and October became my favorite time of the year, since it always is a trip down the memory lane for me, and an especially precious one, too. 


Dưới đây là những từ vựng ăn điểm đã được sử dụng trong bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề Describe a memorable event of your life:

  • fair share of something (n): có nhiều cái gì
  • exhilarating (a): phấn khích
  • out of the blue (idiom): đột nhiên
  • to run one’s eyes through something (v): đọc lướt qua 
  • register (v): ghi nhận, ghi nhớ
  • fancy (a): đẹp mắt, màu mè
  • put somebody off (phrasal verb): khiến ai đó mất đi hứng thú
  • have a knack for something (idiom): có tài năng, có kĩ năng trong một lĩnh vực nào đó
  • bucket list (n): danh sách mục tiêu muốn đạt được
  • Insist (v): khẳng định
  • Small-scale (a): quy mô nhỏ
  • inherent (a): bản năng, bẩm sinh
  • stage fright = performance anxiety (phr): sợ sân khấu/ sợ biểu diễn
  • cross my fingers (idiom): cầu may mắn
  • Neo soul (n): nhạc Tân Soul
  • Musicals (n): nhạc kịch
  • Mentally taxing (a): mệt mỏi về mặt tinh thần
  • show off (phrasal verb): thể hiện, khoe ra
  • Resonate (v): cộng hưởng
  • Let down (v): làm cho thất vọng
  • My efforts were in vain (phr): nỗ lực của tôi là vô ích
  • pulled through (phrasal verb): vượt qua
  • Worth it (phr): xứng đáng
  • A very short span of time (n): trong một khoảng thời gian rất ngắn
  • Rooms for improvement (n): còn có thể cải thiện
  • On cloud nine (idiom): hạnh phúc
  • Remorse (n): hối hận, nuối tiếc
  • Indelible (a): đáng nhớ
  • A trip down the memory lane (idiom): du hành về miền ký ức

II. Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3: Memory

1. Which can help you remember things better, words or photos?

I believe I have a really retentive memory for written information. Quite ironic since I am actually fanatic about photography and pictures in general. However, I tend to have intense fixation on the photographers’ implications and the value behind their artworks, which leads to me focusing more on how the photos make me feel, rather than the actual information being delivered. In this aspect, words contain so much less distraction. 

  • Retentive (a): (về trí nhớ) nhớ dai, nhớ lâu
  • Ironic (a): mỉa mai, châm biếm
  • intense fixation on something (phr): không thể ngừng tập trung, suy nghĩ về một điều gì đó
  • Implication (n): hàm ý, hàm ẩn

2. Why do some people have better memory than others?

I mean, there could be so many reasons. One being genetics – you do know prodigies with exceptional eidetic memory, with which they are able to recall certain events in such vivid details. I think basic cognitive ability like this is heavily influenced by genetic factors. A lot of the time, though, the right environment could really improve a person’s memory. This means that as long as a person adopts regular, targeted brain exercises, they could boost their memory. 

  • Prodigy (n): thiên tài 
  • eidetic memory (n): trí nhớ thấu niệm
  • Recall (v): gợi nhớ lại
  • Cognitive ability (n): khả năng liên quan đến tư duy, nhận thức
  • Genetic factor (n): yếu tố di truyền
  • Targeted (a): có mục đích rõ ràng

3. Do you think it’s important to have a good memory?

Definitely. Based on my observation, someone with a relatively good memory would have an easier time fulfilling academic and occupational duties, since they may not accidentally miss any meetings or deadlines just because these schedules slipped their minds. However, what I find to be the most important asset of memory is how every recollection of the past, big or small, happy or sad, makes up your identity. A good memory would, as a result, facilitate you to become more self-reflective and help guide you in the future.

  • Slip one’s mind (v): quên mất
  • Asset (n): nguồn lực, điều quý giá, quan trọng
  • Recollection (n): ký ức
  • Identity (n): bản sắc, đặc tính

Trên đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 + 3 Describe a memorable event of your life được biên soạn đầy đủ và chi tiết nhất. Chúc bạn ôn luyện thi hiệu quả với kho đề của IPP và tự tin bước vào phòng thi IELTS Speaking thực chiến nhé!

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