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[SAMPLE WRITING] Tổng hợp 05 bài mẫu Writing Task 2 mới nhất 2019 band 8.0+ chủ đề HOT.

IPP IELTS chia sẻ cùng các bạn sỹ tử top 05 Bài mẫu writing Task 2 band 8.0 trải đều 5 chủ đề thường gặp nhất trong kỳ thi IELTS. Tất cả các bài viết dưới đây đều tổng hợp từ những đề thi mới nhất trong quý 1/2019 và do thầy Tú Phạm (IELTS Writing 8.0) biên soạn. Bộ bài mẫu này sẽ giúp các bạn đang luyện IELTS writing có thể tham khảo và áp dụng ý tưởng, từ vựng trong bài mẫu vào quá trình luyện Writing hiệu quả. 


Topic 1: Famous Brands (real test ngày 23/2/2019)

Nhóm chủ điểm: Business            

Đề bài: More and more people want to buy clothes, cars and other items with famous brands. What are the reasons? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?


The trend of purchasing items with a well-known label is a major topic of concern in today’s society. This happens because people often associate a famous brand with quality, and sometimes because most of their peers are using the same products. As far as this is concerned, the positive aspects are more significant than the negative ones.

Popular brand names often attract a great number of customers. This is primarily because products with major brands are often of great quality and reliability. In today’s world, negative feedback can be spread so fast that these brands have to try their best not incur any criticism which can ruin their reputation. In addition to this, some people purchase items with a well-known name because they want to be a member of the society of people using that product. Apple, for example, has successfully built a community of hundreds of millions of users of the iOS operating system. The consequence of this is that new smartphone users are likely to choose an Apple one so that they have access to the aforementioned community, which means they can communicate and interact with other Apple product users effectively.

Overall, this trend brings more benefits than drawbacks to society. The only disadvantage that is worth mentioning is that companies that own famous brands may become monopolistic, which may be disadvantageous for consumers in the long term because these companies may lose the motivation to improve themselves. Laws and governmental policies, however, are now readily available to prevent any company from reaching the state of monopoly, so this disadvantage may be out of the question. This trend is of greater benefit, in a sense that buyers of a product with a well-known name are assured of product quality. These people, as a result, are less likely to worry about the chance of buying a low-quality item. When they buy more products with popular brand names, they may eventually attain the state of having all of their possessions up to a modern perception of what is a good product.

In conclusion, the two most prominent reasons as to why people purchase products from famous companies are product quality assurance and the desire to be a part of a community owning and using the same range of items. This development is positive to society at large, despite the only drawback being the chance it may turn a company into a monopolistic one. I predict that this trend will continue into the future, and consumers may thrive in a society where the quality of every single product is standardized, which is guaranteed by its brand name.

437 words, written by Tu Pham


Topic 2: Purposes of watching films (real test ngày 9/3/2019)

Nhóm chủ điểm: Films/ Education/ Entertainment

Đề bài: Some people believe that the only purpose of films is to entertain. Others say films should have educational value. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


The purposes of watching films have been a topic of concern in modern society. While some people consider movies a source of entertainment with no other additional values, others believe in the educational benefits of them. As far as this is concerned, one cannot neglect the education tonal aspect of these productions.

Films, regardless of genre, are a means of entertainment for people. Seeing a movie means people can temporarily escape from their daily life, which may help them relieve their stress and be mentally healthier. There are, in addition to this, some specific genres of movies such as comedy, which can make people laugh and become elated. In brief, films are true of great entertainment benefit.

It would be, however, an exaggeration to state that the sole purpose of movies is to entertain because other aspects of them such as the educational one are not negligible. Viewers have been using films to learn foreign languages, in a sense that listening to people conversing in a film is a great way to hear native actors and actresses speaking their language. Some others have, furthermore, watched films to learn about the culture and ways of life of other places on Earth. An excellent example of this is the documentary “love market in Sapa”, from which people may learn about Sapa, a famous tourist attraction in the north of Vietnam.

In conclusion, movies can truly entertain people and simultaneously provide them with great educational benefits, such as learning a new language or culture. It is predicted that more people will consider films as essential learning materials in the future.

266 words, written by Tu Pham


Topic 3: Ageing (real test ngày 23/3/2019)

Nhóm chủ điểm: Social problems

Đề bài: It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than that of young people in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?


An aging population is a major topic of concern in many nations. Although there are some negative aspects of the majority of citizens having a longer life, there are compelling reasons as to why this is overall a desirable trend.

The expected increase in life expectancy may be conducive to several social consequences. The first problem that derives from a greying population is that governmental spending on elderly benefits is likely to rise, which places a financial burden onto the state budget. If this happens in countries with limited financial resources such as Vietnam, the government may have to raise the tax to compensate this spending, which transfers the aforementioned burden onto taxpayers. The economy, in addition to this, will suffer from a shortage of human resources as soon as senior employees retire from their jobs and there are not enough young workers to replace them. In other words, the anticipated rise in the proportion of elder citizens is likely to threaten the operations of thousands of companies.

The benefits of such a development, however, are of greater significance. A major advantage is that in the future if the percentage of senior citizens grows, that of children and teenagers often drops, which means education may not cost as much money as it does today. Another merit is that once the elderly represent a large part of the population, longevity will enable them to contribute more to society. In contrast to the past when many great inventors, scientists and mathematical geniuses such as Blaise Pascal lived a relatively short life, their counterparts today may stay healthy and work until they are in their seventies, eighties and sometimes even nineties. The great theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, for example, published his last paper in 2018 when he was 76, a few months before he died of ALS.

In conclusion, the projected growth of the elderly population is likely to cause social issues, such as the scarcity of labour. There are, nevertheless, more significant advantages to this, including the chance for more old citizens to contribute more to the world. It is predicted that this trend, together with its profits, will be prevalent in most countries in the world in the next three or four decades.

370 words, written by Tu Pham


Topic 4: Historical objects and works of arts (real test ngày 14/2/2019)

Nhóm chủ điểm: Art & History

Đề bài: Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


Due to the development of digital technology, it is now possible for viewers to see historical artifacts and artistic works on computers. Although this renders museums and art halls obsolete from the perspective of some people, there are more compelling reasons as to why these are still the best venues to view the aforementioned objects.


Convenience is the major reason why many prefer to have these items displayed by a computer. This can be seen in art and history lessons at school, where teachers can easily show students an artwork or artifact using a projector connected to a school workstation. Students, in this way, may learn about the items exhibited anywhere in the world without having to travel a long distance. Art and history enthusiasts, in addition to this, may use their laptop computers to store the images and videos of their favorite objects as multimedia files. They may then conveniently play these files wherever and whenever they want.

The statement that museums and art centers are unnecessary in today’s world, nevertheless, is an exaggeration. One possible reason is that some objects displayed in these places are not only available for viewing but also for touching and sometimes even trying, which cannot be performed when seeing an object on a computer screen. An excellent example of this is the interactive artistic toys which can perform tricks, currently exhibited at Art and Science Museum in Singapore, a kind of museum for contemporary art. Another significant reason is that items of artistic and historical significance shown by digital technology have a maximum resolution according to file size. This means the digital format of them, regardless of file media type, cannot convey as much information to the viewers as the real objects do.

In conclusion, despite the ease in showing and viewing artworks and relics with the assistance of computers, the role of museums and galleries of art is indispensable, in a sense that those who visit these venues may enjoy art and history in such a way that cannot be replicated by digital devices. It is predicted that these places will continue to attract visitors in the future.

356 words, written by Tu Pham


Topic 5: Internal organizational communication (real test ngày 9/2/2019)

Nhóm chủ điểm: Business

Đề bài: In most successful organizations, some people believe that communications between managers and workers is important, other people said that other factors are more important. What is your opinion?


In the field of human resource management, it is believed that effective communication between the high and low hierarchical levels is of great importance. There are, in addition to this, other more considerable factors that determine the success of a company, including recruitment and strategic planning.

It is important that managers can communicate their ideas to lower-level employees and vice versa. From the top-down perspective, successful communication guarantees that procedures established by the management level are well upheld by junior employees. If a procedure is not clearly explained to employees, there will be a chance of them not following the working process properly, which may eventually result in faulty products or lower productivity. From the bottom-up perspective, workers should give feedback to their superiors about the management decisions made by them. This is significant because line employees are often those who have hands-on experience, which renders their feedback invaluable to the decision making the process of managers.

For a business to succeed, however, there are matters of even greater significance, namely recruiting the best people and developing an effective strategy. Prior to communication between different hierarchical levels, the owners of the business have to recruit staff members who are suitable for the company culture.

This is supported by a contemporary human resource management theory that effective communication may naturally be instilled when workers of the same working culture are arranged into a group. Another critical criterion of a successful company is that a proper strategy is well-devised by the management board. This ensures that each step the organization takes is properly planned, which enables it to develop sustainably.

In conclusion, internal communication between different levels of the hierarchy in a company is an element that may lead to business success. There are, nevertheless, more significant factors for an organization to thrive in today’s market, including staff recruitment and planning a sound business strategy. It is recommended that the board of managers should first design the organizational plan and choose the suitable subordinates before thinking of promoting communication between workers of the high and low levels.

344 words, written by Tu Pham.




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